What equipment do you use?

I use all Canon professional gear. Currently, I'm shooting with a 5D Mark 4, 5D Mark 3 and L Series lenses.

How many weddings do you book a year? 

I do my best to cap myself between 10 and 15 weddings a year. This leaves me ample time for each client and allows me time for commercial & editorial work and now and again, a little ' Ali time.'

How would you describe your work?

I would say my work is honest and intimate. My role is of a storyteller. 

Do we need to book a second shooter?

Ultimately, this is up to you. But having a second shooter not only gives you a second set of eyes -- and lenses -- but offers a completely different, yet still personal, approach to your day. 

Do you have insurance?


Do you have backup gear?

I sure do!

What can we expect?

Let’s skip the stuffiness and formalities, shall we? Yes, I’ll be holding a camera and giving you some direction, but any guidance I provide will be friendly and without judgment. I strive to put my subjects completely at ease so I can see their unique and honest selves. We’ll spend a casual, comfortable time together -- you’ll be yourselves and I’ll tell your story, simple as that!

How long before we see our photos?

My delivery after weddings is 8-12 weeks. The last thing I want is to spend an amazing time with you and yours, and then rush through the editing process. Giving myself a little space allows me to process your images correctly, edit them beautifully, upload them into a gallery and build a slideshow.

Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! Travel and adventure are incredible inspirations for me, and I adore traveling for work. If your wedding is in the Lower 48, my travel expenses are included in your package price. And, if your wedding is on a beach far far away or even on a plain in Africa, I would be more than happy to customize a personalized package for you!

Do we have the rights to the photos?

You can pretty much do anything with these photos once I pass them off to you...except selling them without my permission. I want to give you the opportunity to print as many as you’d like...create as many collages or albums as you’d like...just as long as you’re not making money from the images in the process!

Do you offer albums?

Sure do! I offer a 10x10 fine art coffee table book for you to take home. I'd be happy to tell you more about it!

What forms of payment do you except?

I accept checks and all major credit cards. Credit card sales come with a small fee for processing.